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Q: How can I reset the time if it's not accurate?
A: The time will be synchronized automatically when each time the smartband synchronize with the mobile. Time can be set manually, press ♥ button and wait for 10 seconds, the time number will start flashing, press it again, wait for 10 seconds to set the hour, then press this button 10 seconds more again to set the minutes and press 10 seconds again to finish.
Q: Can Hesvitband monitor my heart rate in real-time?
A: Manual heart rate monitoring: 24 times/day, e.g. At 1:00,2:00 Automatic heart rate monitoring: Long press the ♥ button, release it after 2 seconds to start test the heart rate.
Q: Under what circumstance can not monitor the heart rate?
A: (1) The smart band is not worn correctly.
(2)There's too much space between the wrist and the smart band.
(3)Shaking or moving your hand too much will affect the accuracy of the heart rate monitoring. Like running or walking.
There will be a “- -” on the screen when there's an error in the heart rate monitoring.
In order to monitor the heart rate with accuracy, please wear it tightly on your wrist and about 2 centimeter away from your wrist.
Q: Under what circumstance the screen will start flashing?
A: (1)Heart rate over 100 bpm: When the heart rate exceed 100 bpm, the screen will flash during 10 seconds to remind you.
(2)10,000 steps reminder: When the steps reach or exceed 10,000 or multiples of 10,000, the screen will flash during 10 seconds to remind you.
(3)Temperature difference reminder: When the temperature difference between the skin temperature and wrist temperature exceed 4℃, the screen will flash during 10 seconds to remind you.
Q: What is the max storage time of the data?
A: The Hesvitband itself can save till 10 days of data, please synchronize it to your APP in time.
Q: How long can the Hesvitband standby? How long does it take for charging?
A: There's a standard Micro-USB port for charging.
Hesvitband can be fully charged in 1-2 hours, once fully charged, it can last 7-10 days.
Q: Can the Hesvitband APP be upgraded?
A: Both software and hardware can be upgraded via the APP.
Q: How can I connect the Hesvitband?
A: Firstly, please download the APP (IOS 7.0 / Android 4.4 or above), activate the bluetooth, then open the APP and connect with the Serial Number of your Hesvitband (printed in the rear). Without registration and the verification code.

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